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Touch developed as a warm up game for rugby league players but soon became a sport in its own right. In Guernsey, touch began in 2004 when a group of Antipodeans started playing regularly on a very social basis. Their love of the sport led to them forming a summer league in 2005, which attracted 12 mixed teams.

Since then the sport has grown year on year and through the hard work and dedication of today's committee and the enthusiasm shown by all the players, touch in Guernsey is now unrecognisable from that first league.

In 2014, having spent years trying to secure a permanent home which would allow the sport to develop further, Guernsey Touch signed a three year lease at KGV. With the exciting development plans for what will be the home of a number of different sports, KGV provides Guernsey Touch with year round facilities for its leagues and training. 

The six week KPMG Touch Super League, the 12-week KPMG Touch Summer League and the eight-week KPMG  Touch Autumn League now have more than 350 players competing in the mixed, men’s and ladies divisions. In 2014, a business league was added to the KPMG Touch Summer League and 2015 saw a youth division added.

We also hold the Channel Islands’ Championship each year which is open to teams from across Europe and each August we have the extremely competitive Inter-Insular against our neighbours Jersey.  We also send representative teams away to international tournaments at the 2011 Touch World Cup, the Guernsey Mixed team won the Open Bowl. 

Guernsey Touch has invested heavily in referees as we recognised that in order to continue improving the standard of the game, we needed qualified and experienced officials. We now have more than 40 Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 qualified referees, all of whom play as well.

The continued generosity of KPMG as our sponsors ensures that touch has maintained its low participation cost but the sponsorship does not cover all of our expenditure and so each year we also hold a number of fundraising events and you can find out more about them on our News page.