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Monkey Mayhem Team of the Week

Monkey Mayhem won the Men’s Cup in the recent Channel Islands Stock Exchange Club Championship. The team played Galaxy and at full-time, the score was 3 – 3 forcing the game to a dropoff. Neither team scored from their first possession of the ball but Monkey Mayhem eventually crossed into the touchdown zone to take the trophy with a 4 – 3 win.

Left to right.....

Mark ‘ Sharky’ Bristowe
Prefers playing at night to avoid the sun, Sharky struggles with injury but is a dedicated player and puts in the effort and the pace despite the pain.

Chris Goddard
Been playing for a number of years but quietly been climbing the ladder and is now an important part of the Guernsey Touch committee as well as captain of the Guernsey Mixed team heading to the European Championship. A dedicated player who makes a big impact on the field without drawing attention to himself.

Sam Stables
Former island football player who now prefers oval shaped balls. Known for his pace and his passion, Sam proved his worth by scooping the most valued player award for the mixed division.~

Matt Brehaut
A player who keeps improving year on year and is now a pro at diving. A popular member of the team, both on and off the pitch.
Andrew Dunn
Affectionately known as Westlife due to his boy band good looks, the CISX Channel Islands’ Championship was his comeback tournament after a game of hacky sack nearly ruined his touch career.

Chris Veal
The only Jersey player in the team but one who has is well-liked in Guernsey for his commitment to the sport. A regular visitor to the CISX Channel Islands’ Championship, Chris is always welcomed despite being a Crapaud!

Matthew Chick
Easy to spot on the pitch as his arms are constantly on the move, Chick he can be a danger to all if he drinks too much Viper!

Ollie ‘Alfie’ Ward
Guernsey’s Mr Touch, Alfie is one of the sport’s longest-standing players having been part of the league and the island teams since the beginning. He is the island coach and has been on the committee since 2006. His presence off the pitch is matched by his presence on it and he is an integral part of every team he plays with.

Matt Guthrie
Quiet and dependable, Matt has grown in confidence since he first started playing and is well-liked for his unflappable approach.

Richard Duchemin
Holder of the Guernsey Touch purse strings, Duch is one of the fittest players on the pitch (but not as fit as his girlfiend!) and once he gets going, then he can be hard to catch.