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KPMG Touch Summer League sees more than 1,000 touchdowns scored

This year’s KPMG Touch Summer League saw the 29 teams taking part score more than 1,000 touchdowns over the 12 week competition.

The season saw a number of changes for the sport with a new sponsor in KPMG, a new home at KGV and the introduction of a corporate league to encourage new players to take part.

‘This was our 10th season and so it was fitting that we were able to celebrate that with a new three year sponsorship with KPMG in place, a new and hopefully permanent home, which is something we have wanted for so long and a way for new and more social teams to get involved in what is undoubtedly the fastest growing sport in recent years,’ said Guernsey Touch chair Katrina Bray.

‘It’s been a fantastic season, there have been some extremely close games over the last 12 weeks and it was literally the last games of the season to decide four of the five titles. It all bodes well for the future.’

With Source Sorcerers leading Mixed A just one point ahead of the Intertrust 1, it was the last game of the night which was to decide the winner. Both teams have previously won the title, Source Sorcerers winning last year and Intertrust, playing under its old name of Concept 360, winning in 2012 so the game was always going to be a competitive one. But it was Intertrust 1 who took the game 4 – 3 and the title with 28 points to Source’s 25.

Lancaster Dam Busters finished third with 22 points after beating Galaxy Standard Chartered 5 – 2 on the last night, meaning they finished fourth overall. Electric Shocks finished fifth with 14 points and Healthspan Harlequins finished sixth with 12 points.

Most valued player awards for Mixed A went to Iain Thompson from Electric Shocks and Hannah Dunnell from Lancaster Dam Busters with Ollie Ward from Source Sorcerers the top touchdown scorer with 16 touchdowns.

Mixed B had a different structure and the last night saw finals and a third and fourth play-off. Intertrust continued the company’s winning streak by beating Specsavers Sharks 7 – 2 to take the title with L’Eree Confidential taking third place after beating Collas Crill Pink Sox 2 – 0. The Marlborough Panthers finished fifth.

Most valued player awards for Mixed B went to Robbie Titterington from Specsavers Sharks and Laura Foster from Intertrust 2 with her team mates Alistair Campbell and Robin Cowling the top touchdown scorers, each with 13.

Intertrust’s corporate team couldn’t make it three out of three as it was the GRA under 15s who proved to be the strongest team in the corporate division winning six of their eight games and finishing with 22 points. Intertrust finished second with 17, just ahead of Ipes Impalas in third on touchdown difference. Sponsors KPMG finished fourth with 15 points and BWCI finished bottom with nine points.

Most valued player awards for the corporate league went to Garth Van Huyssten from Intertrust Corporate and Jennifer Hartley from Ipes Impalas with GRA Under 15 players Alfie Penney and Leon Collenette the top touchdown scorers with nine each.

Like Mixed A, it was to be the last games to decide the winner with Source Temp Tigers and Concept 360 going into the last week with 37 points each. Source Temp Tigers played first and beat The Christies Exiles 11 – 1 to take them into the lead and give them a touchdown difference of 69. Concept 360 took to the field next and it was a case of current versus the future with many of the Guernsey 1st XV taking on the GRA Colts. Experience proved to be the difference with Concept 360 scoring 16 and not allowing GRA Colts across the touchdown zone. This gave them the game and the title with a touchdown difference of 72, just three more than Source Temp Tigers.

Third and fourth place was also tight with Healthspan Hurricanes holding onto third place despite drawing one all with Specsavers Stags, finishing just one point ahead of Galaxy Standard Chartered who won 7 – 1 in the last game. Electric Shocks finished fifth with 25, ahead of Specsavers Stags, The Christies Exiles and GRA Colts.

Thompson took his second most valued player award of the night with Ward taking his second top touchdown scorer accolade, scoring five in the last game to take his total to 30.

The only drop off of the night was in the ladies final between Galaxy Standard Chartered and Hot Panths. With the game ending three all at full-time, it went to a drop-off with Hot Panths scoring the winning touchdown to take the title. Source Seductresses finished third after beating Martel-Dunn 2 – 1 with Specsavers Sirens in fifth.

Most valued player award for the ladies went to Katie Cochrane from Hot Panths with Justeen Baker from Source Seductresses the top touchdown scorer with nine.