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Guernsey take on Europe at Mainland Cup

GUERNSEY took on five European Nations at the recent Mainland Cup in Vienna.

The two day touch tournament saw the FNB-sponsored men’s team from Guernsey finish fifth of the 11 teams taking part.

‘The guys put in a fantastic performance in Vienna and did the island proud. They faced some strong competition but played well and will have benefited enormously ahead of the forthcoming inter-insular,’ said Guernsey Touch chair Katrina Bray.

In the first game of the tournament, the greens took on Catalonia. Matt Brehaut scored the first touchdown from one of the team’s starting moves but Catalonia soon equalised. Dan Hainsworth scored next, a long ball to Tristan Boscher created Guernsey’s third and a touchdown in the corner from Chris Wrigley saw the first half end 5 – 1. Wrigley intercepted the ball at the start of the second half and ran for the line to score Guernsey’s sixth, Catalonia scored their second before captain Aaron Le Masurier added another to the green tally. Sam Crawford and Richard Perrio added two more to Guernsey’s scoreline with Catalonia adding three more to theirs to end the game in an 8 – 5 win.

Guernsey then took on Austria who proved too strong for the greens. After two touchdowns for Austria, Boscher scored Guernsey’s first but the Austrians replied with two more. Dan Le Prevost added Guernsey’s second with one more from the Austrians to end the first half 5 – 2. There was just one touchdown from Wrigley in the second half but Austria added eight more to end the game in a 12 – 3 defeat for Guernsey.

The last game of the first day was against Switzerland with all eight touchdowns scored in the first half. Brehaut and Wrigley scored Guernsey’s only two with Switzerland scoring six to end the game in a win for the Swiss.

On the second day of the tournament, Guernsey faced Germany in an evenly matched game. The Germans scored first before Boscher stepped the winger to even the scoreline. Germany added two more and then Guernsey replied with a penalty dive from Perrio and a second from Boscher to end the first half three all. Boscher added his third in the second half before Le Prevost scored two more with the Germans also adding two to end the game in a 6 – 5 win for the greens.

The second game of the second day saw Guernsey take on Switzerland’s over 30’s team with the greens dominating from the start. The first half saw touchdowns from Iain Thomson, Hainsworth, Crawford and Wrigley with the Swiss scoring just one. In the second half, Guernsey added six more with two from Le Masurier, two from Hainsworth and one more each from Sam Ward and Wrigley. The Swiss scored three in the second half to end the game 10 – 4.

The last pool game of the tournament was a closely fought one against Luxembourg. In the first half Guernsey scored three through Boscher, Crawford and Le Prevost but Luxembourg matched every one of the green’s touchdowns to end the first half three all. One from Le Masurier and a hat-trick from Brehaut saw Guernsey’s total increase to seven but Luxembourg scored five in the second half to end the game 8 – 7.

The team was as follows Aaron Le Masurier, Matt Brehaut, Daniel Le Prevost, Richard Perrio, Tristan Boscher, Sam Crawford, Iain Thomson, Daniel Hainsworth, Chris Wrigley and Sam Ward.

The Guernsey teams next fixture is the annual inter-insular with the FNB sponsored mixed, men’s and ladies sides taking on Jersey on Saturday 10th August 2013.