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Guernsey hoping to benefit from home advantage in inter-insular

Maya Le Tissier will swap the football field for the touch pitch this weekend and be one of 14 new players to represent Guernsey at the touch inter-insular.

The 14-year-old is the first Guernsey girl to be selected to play for an England football squad but started playing touch last year.

‘As touch is predominantly a summer sport, we see a lot of people who play football, cricket and rugby in the winter using it as a way of maintaining fitness and then realising how much they enjoy it and wanting to be involved at a representative level,’ said Guernsey Touch chair Ollie Ward.

‘To have 14 new island caps in a squad of 35 is really positive for the future of touch. We’ve had a period of change in recent years where players, who were instrumental in the earlier island teams, have retired and we’re now seeing new, younger players coming through as a result of Guernsey Touch’s efforts to introduce a youth league.’

Those representing the island for the first time alongside Le Tissier are Chris Ferbrache, Luke Semenowicz, Paul Beale, Paul Machon, Tom Teasdale, Tom Finnerty, Chloe Gallienne, Tanya Scholtz, Danni Cluett, Ben Holland, Kin Lai, Matthew Armstrong and Wing Lai.

‘Last year the result definitely didn’t go our way with all three games ending in defeat. We know Jersey will be strong opposition as they have been training hard but hopefully we can put into practice what we have been learning ahead of the European Championship next month,’ said Ward.

Guernsey will send a mixed, men’s and a women’s team to Jersey to compete in the 10th European Championship which will see more than 1,000 players from across Europe compete.

‘Guernsey will be the smallest country to be represented but everyone has been training hard in order to do the island proud,’ said Ward.

The men’s squad is Alex Burt, Chris Febrache, Dave Middleton, Harry Burns, Luke Semenowicz, Mark Bristowe, Paul Beale, Paul Machon, Sam Ward, Tom Teasdale, Tom Zierer and Tom Finnerty

The women’s squad is Chloe Gallienne, Eleanor Woodward, Jemma Crouse, Katie Cochrane, Laura Middleton, Laura Webber, Lindsey de Sausmarez, Lynne Hamilton, Sarah Woodington, Sophie Ferbrache and Tanya Sholtz.

The mixed squad is Annie Paul, Carly Parrott, Danni Cluett, Hannah Dunnell, Maya Le Tissier, Anthony Armstrong, Ben Holland, Iain Thomson, Kin Lai, Matthew Armstrong, Oliver Ward and Wing Lai.

The touch inter-insulars take place at KGV on Saturday with the men’s starting at 11am, the women’s at noon and the mixed at 1pm.