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Guernsey finish sixth our of six at Home Nations

FIVE defeats left Guernsey sixth out of six at the 2013 Home Nations Touch Championships.

It was the first time Guernsey had officially taken part in the tournament and over the two days they played England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Jersey.

‘We always expected it to be a tough tournament with every game being challenging,’ said player coach Ollie Ward.

‘Although it would have been good to come away with some wins, the team played really well together and the focus now is on identifying areas of improvement ahead of next year’s European Touch Championship in Wales.’

The first game of the Home Nations was against England, who eventually finished in second place. Guernsey did well to score five touchdowns through Lucy Cochrane, Justeen Baker, Daniel Hainsworth, Carly Parrott and Chris Goddard and the final result was a 12 – 5 win to England.

The second game was the heaviest defeat of the tournament when Guernsey came up against eventual winners Scotland. Parrott was the only Guernsey player to score and the game finished 14 – 1 to the Scots.

On Saturday, the first game was a preview of August’s inter-insular between Guernsey and Jersey although the greens will be hoping for a different result. At the end of the first half, the score was 3 – 2 to Jersey but Guernsey’s smaller squad meant tireder legs in the second half and the final score was a 9 – 3 defeat with two touchdowns from Cochrane on the wing and one from captain Goddard.

Four touchdowns from Baker, Parrott, Ward and Goddard were scored in the game against Wales which ended 10 – 4 to the Welsh and in the final game of the tournament, it was a clash of the greens as Guernsey took on Ireland. Parrott added two more to her tournament tally with Hainsworth and Goddard each scoring another and Matt Brehaut adding his name to the scoresheet to end the game in an 11 – 5 win to Ireland.

‘Being in the middle of the Channel makes it difficult and expensive to get the experience against the more established nations. We are extremely grateful to the sponsorship we receive from FNB but we are an inclusive sport open to both sexes, all abilities and anyone over the age of 14 and so we need to use their generous sponsorship for the leagues, the island teams and the development of coaches and referees. Off-island playing experience is therefore often limited to just tournaments and so while it is disappointing not to win a game, the experience was invaluable,’ said Ward.

The team was as follows Ollie Ward, Richard Duchemin, Chris Goddard, Matt Brehaut, Sam Stables, Iain Thomson, Daniel Hainsworth, Carly Parrott, Justeen Baker, Kay Davidson and Lucy Cochrane.