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FNB Summer Touch League nearing conclusion

WITH only four weeks of the FNB Summer Touch League left, just four teams of the 34 taking part have won all of their games.

Electric Shocks Mixed, Concept 360 Men’s, Office Solutions Gaels and Galaxy Ladies find themselves top of their respective tables thanks to their impressive clean sheet.

Mixed A has seen a change at the top with Source Sorcerers, winners of last year’s FNB Summer Touch League, leapfrogging Concept 360 Mixed. Source has won eight of its nine games and top Mixed A with 26 points and three points behind having won seven of their nine is Concept 360. Galaxy Mixed and Lancaster Dam Busters continue to hold onto third and fourth places respectively with Galaxy on 19 points and Lancaster Dam Busters one point behind.

Another victory has seen PWC Mixed 1 move into fifth place and they have 12 points having won two and lost six, which is two points ahead of Martel Dunn Mixed A. Specsavers Sharks remain at the bottom having yet to win a game.

Electric Shocks Mixed look set to win Mixed B having won all seven of their games and have a five point lead on their nearest rivals Martel Dunn Mixed B who have won four, drawn one and lost two and have 16 points. Three teams have 15 points with Can’t Touch Liz in third on touchdown difference, just ahead of Panthers Touch in fifth and Collas Crill Pink Sox in sixth.

With one win, one draw and five losses, L’Eree Confidential find themselves in seventh place with 10 points and PWC Mixed 2 are one point behind in eighth.

There is just one change in the Men’s A standings with PWC Men’s and Guernsey Men’s swapping places. Concept 360 Men’s are the team to beat having won all five of their games and have a game in hand. Guernsey Men’s moved up to second place on touchdown difference but have played one more game than PWC Men’s who also have 12 points but find themselves third on touchdown difference.

There has been no movement at the bottom with Source Temp Tigers in fourth on 11 points having won just one of their six games. Galaxy Men’s is one point behind in fifth and Martel Dunn Men’s is in sixth with eight points.
In Men’s B, 14 points separate Office Solutions Gaels at the top and Guernsey Ladies, playing for the first time in a men’s league so they can benefit from more competitive games ahead of the inter-insular in August, at the bottom.

Office Solution Gaels are the only team to have won all of their games and lead with 21 points. The Exiles remain in second place having won five, drawn one and lost one but are now three points ahead of The Claims who have won four and lost three. Specsavers Stags also have 15 points and are in fourth on touchdown difference.

Electric Shocks have moved two points clear of Colts but remain in fifth place with Colts in sixth on nine points having won one game. Guernsey Ladies are seventh having yet to win a game.

There has been a change at the top of the Ladies table with Galaxy Ladies now top with 18 points having won all six of their games. With five wins and 16 points, Source Seductresses are in second, three points ahead of Martel Dunn Ladies in third. Hot Panths have slipped to fourth having won just one of their games, PWC Ladies are one point behind in fifth and one point behind them are Specsavers Sirens.

Games are played at Cambridge Park on Wednesdays from 6pm until 9pm and spectators are more than welcome.