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THE three titles in the FNB Autumn Touch League will be decided on Sunday.

The eight week league culminates on Sunday with the mixed title almost certainly won by Electric Shocks Mixed but the mens and ladies leagues still up for the taking.

In the mixed league, Electric Shocks Mixed have won six of their seven games and with 19 points lead on touchdown difference ahead of Lancaster Dam Burgers who have also won six of their seven games. Martel-Dunn Recruits are in third with 17 points, having won five games and are just ahead of the Guernsey island ladies team on touchdown difference.

Source Sorcerers, who won their first FNB Summer Touch League this year, are in fifth place with 15 points having won four games. L’Eree Confidential are in sixth with 12 points having won two and drawn one, Green Machines are seventh and can do no more having played all eight of their games, The Pink Panthers are eighth with nine points having drawn two of their games and Cardiac Action Group is ninth having drawn just one game.

In the mens league, Martel-Dunn Recruits lead with 17 points having won five of their games, Source Temp Tigers are three points behind in second with 14 points having won four games and Electric Shocks are behind on touchdown difference having won four of their six games. Cornerstone Exiles are in fourth on 10 points having won two games and L’Eree Confidential have yet to win a game.

Source Seductresses lead the ladies league having won four of their five games and are two points ahead of Martel-Dunn Recruits who have won three games and have 11 points and The Shockettes are third with eight points having won just one game.

‘The FNB Autumn Touch League is traditionally more relaxed but that doesn’t stop the teams being extremely competitive. It’s great to see some of the newer teams really beginning to make their presence in the league felt and it shows that over time playing against more experienced teams allows players to develop,’ said Guernsey Touch chair Katrina Bray.

Historically the FNB Autumn Touch League signals the end of the season but this year, Guernsey Touch has organised its first ever indoor touch tournament.

The tournament, which takes place at Beau Sejour on Saturday 24th November from 12.30pm until 5pm, will see registered players divided into mixed teams.

‘This is the first time that an indoor touch tournament has been held in Guernsey but player enthusiasm continues to grow and we wanted something that would keep the momentum going over the winter when the weather isn’t ideal for the sport,’ said Katrina.

‘We’ve already had quite a lot of interest and it should be a great way for players who normally play against each other to come together in a competition.’

Anyone interested in taking part should email