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Around the world in three games for Guernsey

GUERNSEY'S third day of games at the Touch World saw the standard of touch increase significantly.

After finishing second in their pool in the preliminary round, the Greens found themselves in a pool with England, Scotland, USA and Niue. After losing to England on Thursday, Guernsey had three games in Edinburgh today.

The first game was against USA and saw the Americans score two touchdowns before Guernsey settled into the game and pulled one back through Mark Rodliffe. USA scored once more to end the first half 3 - 1. Guernsey's second half saw them dominate the scoring with touchdowns from Matt Brehaut, Carly Parrott, Aaron Le Masurier and Justeen Baker to give them five. USA scored twice more to tie the game. However the Americans disputed the score and claimed to have won the game 6 - 5 despite the referees agreeing the game was a tie. The matter was taken to a judicial hearing who ruled against USA and the 5 - 5 draw was confirmed.

In the second game, Guernsey played the home nation of Scotland and despite Parrott putting them ahead, Scotland scored the next four to take the lead. In the second half, Scotland added seven more with Rodliffe, Georgia Smith and Marie Stefani crossing into the touchdown zone for Guernsey to see the game end in a 11 - 4 win for Scotland.

The last game of the day was against the Pacific island of Niue who just missed out on a place in the higher pool. Niue quickly scored three touchdowns before Parrott scored her third of the day. Another touchdown from Niue and one for Guernsey from Baker saw the first half end 4 - 2. The second half saw a repeat of the first half score with Niue adding four to take them to eight and Ollie Ward and Jemma Crouse each scoring to give Guernsey four.

'There's no doubt that the intensity of the games has increased in the second round but Guernsey has responded to that. We may not have won but we've scored in each of the four games and put the larger and stronger nations under pressure. We're now looking forward to the Mixed Bowl quarter finals with a rematch against Singapore who we lost 3 - 2 to in the preliminary round. The whole team is looking forward to that,' said Ward who is captaining the team.

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